We get as excited as you do about big ideas and great companies and we also understand the need for speed of execution.


You need a partner in your company, a leader who can bring the BUILD+GROW side together for you while you get your work done. Or, sometimes you just need a high level person to work beside a growing team member while they execute and grow. We will step in and bring one of our C Level CMOs (Chief Marketing Officer) or CSOs (Chief Sales Officer) to the table to help you execute fast.


We’ll take a regular role in your operations, bring our tech and digital marketing team members to the table to execute with you and perform as your outsourced team while we build your internal team to take over.


You’ll get a skilled, executive level team member who works with you on a daily or weekly basis to build and implement your marketing strategy.

They’ll help you build, document, and implement processes and procedures critical to your business.

They’ll identify which team members of the Growth Foundry team will be needed on a scalable basis to execute your plan for you.

They’ll work hand in hand with you to achieve critical objectives and be part of your company and your culture.

The fCMO is best suited for companies with at least $500,000 in sales or startups with sufficient capital to scale and grow quickly.

  • Engagement Begins With A 2-3 Day Strategy Session With Key Stakeholders From Your Team
  • Translate The CEO And Investors Goals Into Achievable Marketing Initiatives
  • Weekly Executive Marketing Briefing For You And Other Key Players
  • Development Of Critical KPIs Along With Implementation And Management Of Regular 90 Day Sprints To Achieve Key Goals And Objectives
  • Negotiate All Vendor Relationships As Appropriate As Required
  • Hire And Scale Your Internal Team At The Right Time And Train Them In Your Processes. If It’s A Junior Team, They’ll Help Manage Them On An Ongoing Basis As A Leader On Your Team
  • Provide Ongoing Reporting And Strategy Development To Support The Growth Of Your Company Along With Reporting
  • Develop And Train Key Talent For Your Team
  • Be A Sounding Board For You And Your Team


One of the most common challenges in growing companies, particularly B2B and online B2C is having a sales staff but no one skilled in sales management to lead them. The fCSO is best suited for companies with at least $500,000 in sales or startups with sufficient capital to scale and grow quickly. The companies will also have either a team in place or be prepared to hire a team.

Our fCSO solves that problem. We’ll work with you to add a sales leader to your organization who can help train, develop, and guide your team to increase sales and customer satisfaction. You’ll get a skilled sales team leader who will work with you and your team regularly to set and achieve sales goals.

  • Engagement begins with a 2-3 Day Strategy Session with key stakeholders from your team
  • Sales process design
  • Talent management and development
  • Compensation and incentive plans
  • Sales team management (includes regular sales team meetings)
  • Aligning sales goals with revenue expectations
  • Create key metrics and reporting
  • Technology implementation and adoption (CRM and automation, proposal software)
  • Sales team training
  • Create sales forecasts
  • Key account planning
  • Assist in key account closing